The short woman in front of me sporting short blonde hair and a blue plaid shirt, dug a hole in the wood chips. She spread her legs wide and wiggled side to side to get her feet dug in just so.

As the music started, she raised her beverages, one in each hand. After a few songs she turned to me and said, “Would you watch my hole?”

“What?” I said.

“Could you just watch my hole so that no one trips in it,” she said.

“Oh, ok.” I said as she wanders off.

I tried a few times as people walked by. “Watch out,” or “be careful for the hole,” but no one seemed to listen and no one tripped in the hole. So I kinda quit paying attention and just got into the music.

The band plays on. Singing songs about love, loneliness, activism, earth, life. I am moved, feeling camaraderie with my fellow concert goers. This is my hole in the wood chips. My place for tonight with peace, love, harmony. My feeling of wholeness.

The concert was over and with our hearts full of peace and harmony, we walked to the parking lot. The line out of the parking lot, a black SUV cut in line, took a left turn and floored it. Maybe it was the fast way. Peace, love, and harmony goes away when in out cars and real life comes back into focus.

I don’t want to go back yet. I want to stay a little longer, so I wait patiently in line.