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Bell Joy Ride first year

About one year ago, Sam Jones asked me about joining a small group who were going to organize mountain bike rides for women. I got a free jersey with the deal and promise of some fun times. I thought that sounds like fun. I’m not the most skilled rider, but I would like to help encourage people to ride.

A year later I am proud to say that our endeavors were widely successful. More that I ever expected back then. We had 40 or so attend on the first one and above expected numbers through out the year. What a wonderful surprise.

We now have a wonderful family of women who ride mountain bikes. We have expanded the team and have new riders at about every ride. A new rider was so excited, that she is ready to buy a bike and keep riding. That mountain biking bug is addictive.

This weekend we had a threat of rain. We decided to have the ride and not postpone it. We were rewarded with a perfectly warm morning, brunch, an Easter egg hunt instead of drawing tickets for the swag an the perfect hero dirt that Kansas City has to offer. It was awesome. We didn’t want to leave and finally closed down the place at about 2:30.


What a great adventure the first year has been. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us. 🙂

1st Mountain Bike Race

Well I tried racing. I’ve done a mountain bike race once because it was a trail I wanted to ride. But never rode a ride to try to ride faster than others, but I did today.

The God’s Country Cross Country race was today at the Lawrence River Trail. It was a beautiful day and I suited up and rode my bike as fast as I could. It was fun and I did ok. Yes, I would probably do it again. For fun, not to compete though.



Six months ago I lost my best friend Echo. I couldn’t seem to write about it. It makes me feel so hollow inside and now heart broken and sad. I miss her.

She was full of energy. Always ready to do something fun. Even if it wasn’t fun, she would make it fun. Loved to walk and eat everything. She loved popcorn and one time jumped to eat some cauliflower. I’m sure she thought it was popcorn. She got a funny look on her face and then looked for more.

Her waggly tail and her white butt is what I followed at our weekly trip to the dog park. Even saying the word would incite barking and spinning around.

She is and will be very missed.

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