Sep 18, 2008

Last week, it was raining and cold and, of course, that is when we decided to take a little Kansas camping vacation. While shopping for supplies I found a couple of those coffee things that get hot right in their own cup. I was excited, because I knew there was a forecast for rain. Unfortunately the weather forecasters were right and it rained and was cold. Those coffee things came in handy and this coffee lover was very happy to have a cup of hot latte in the morning.

If you’re camping and it might be rainy, I recommend these coffee cups. The downside is that they are so complex there is no way to recycle it. And don’t forget if you’re backpacking, pack it out. Who know what the chemical in there might do to some poor unsuspecting creature. Consider what trash left along the trail does to the scenery too. I’m starting a photography series on scenic trash. Please don’t contribute to it. There are many pieces of trash for me to photograph in scenic places.

That’s all my rant for now. Until next time, drink more coffee!

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