Jul 26, 2008

O.k. so I love coffee. I went to our local HyVee to get some groceries and coffee. I choose the local vendor’s breakfast blend. Thinking I would get about a half pound, I open the nozzle. Whoosh, the entire bag fills to the brim in less than a second.

Wow, I thought. I didn’t want quite that much coffee. I think maybe I can grind part of it and then take the rest as beans. I open the grinder there at the store and it was filled to the brim with ungrounded beans. “I guess someone else got too much coffee too,” I thought. So I decided to see if I could close my really full bag of beans and finish my shopping.

Today I enjoyed a french pot of my freshly ground beans from the really full bag of local vendor coffee. It has a really good flavor and that makes me really excited, because I now have a lot of coffee.

The world has been righted by Coffeegurl!